The Jobclick Advantage 

Imagine a recruiting process building for a stronger future

Use Jobclick's recruitment solutions to help your facility:

  • Streamline your internal recruiting processes
  • See more qualified candidates for your open nursing jobs and hard-to-fill positions
  • Provide core recruiting responsibilities of interviewing and hiring
  • Save money
  • Access modern recruiting technologies

Jobclick Features

Jobclick provides proven recruiting processes to healthcare HR departments, allowing them to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Save time by streamlining recruiting processes

  • Create a productive environment for recruiters and hiring managers to work together
  • Transfer low-value administrative tasks from your recruiters' day-to-day responsibilities
  • Turn your in-house private database into a consistent candidate "pipeline"
  • Convert dormant archived records into hot candidates

Apply Successfully Proven Recruiting Processes

  • Tap into over 20 years of recruiting process experience and technology development
  • Access and maintain modern recruiting technology
  • Systematic recruiting process proven to generate qualified candidates
  • Jobclick's recruiting process is patent-pending

Drive Cost Savings

  • Reduce reliance on nurse registries and contract labor
  • Reduce expenses related to external recruiters, advertising expense, and relocation
  • Cost effective alternative to nurse registries or recruiting agencies.

"Measure to Improve"

  • Comprehensive reporting tools give the "facts and data" to verify your facilities recruiting performance

Aim High, Achieve High

Aiming high is absolutely necessary in recruiting for talent in today's competitive environment. That's why Jobclick is successful at recruiting. We don't settle for status quo. The attitude of "that's the way we always do it" leads to complacency and average results. We aim high, and deliver great results. We are driven by the constant question - "What is the cost of falling short?"

Successful Recruiting Makes a Difference

Jobclick's primary goal is to make a difference for your organization. We see the small intangible benefits of successful recruiting. What starts as just filling a position leads to raising current employee morale, increasing positive company buzz, and building stronger emotional employee ties. And yes, we believe it's these little things that contribute to making a difference to your bottom line.


Energizing Organizations

When we talk to leaders, from heads of companies to managers of recruiting teams, we share our sense of responsibility to lift your companies and teams to a higher ground. Finding and recruiting great people is part of that responsibility. When great people lead other great people, people in those organizations are energized to work together elevating their lives, families, teams, and companies to the next level.


Building Partnerships with the People You Work With

We're not talking about the partnership between us and our clients. What we're talking about here are the partnerships between you and your employees. Your employees are your most important asset, and building trust and confidence in the people you work with brings many rewards-tangible and intangible. At Jobclick, we know your company's recruiting success contributes to building that trust with your most important partners.


Courage to Persevere in the "War for Talent"

In your day-to-day trench battles in the "War for Talent", it's tough to remember the importance of your efforts, and to remember why you do what you do. Most of all, the frustrating daily recruiting grind can strip away your confidence, and keep you from finding the necessary energy to keep striving. Every new candidate is a potential hire that benefits your organization. Jobclick stands with you in waging the treacherous fight for talent in the best interests of your company. We stand strong, so you can stand stronger.


The Power of Dreams and the Will to Make It Happen

We all have the right to dare to dream. Our greatest successes began with a dream, remember? Jobclick was founded on a dream to reinvent recruiting, and today we work everyday to accomplish our dreams with you. In case you've forgotten, your greatest recruiting challenge is not an impossible dream, and we'd love to show you how to accomplish and overcome your most challenging recruiting goals.



Jobclick helps healthcare facilities find, screen, and qualify the candidates you need. We work with your recruiters to handle their low value recruiting processes, so that they can focus on their core responsibilities of selling your facility and hiring the best qualified candidates.

Improve your hiring results by using Jobclick to:

See more qualified candidates

Every recruiter's battlecry is "I want to see more qualified candidates!" Jobclick's patent pending recruiting process identifies the best qualified candidates for you faster. Plus, we seem to find more of them.

Recruit from a higher standard of "qualified" candidate

When Jobclick notifies you of a qualified candidate, you are guaranteed that they will meet the following criteria:

  1. Meet the requirements of the position
  2. Interested and available for the position and shift
  3. Local to the area or willing to relocate
  4. Have completed a telephone interview
  5. Submitted time frames available for in-person interview

Do you think that you can become a better recruiter when presented with Jobclick "qualified" candidates?

Get more time to focus on people and hiring

Effective recruiting is about getting close to the candidates you want to hire. When your time is taken up with low-value tasks that take you away from people, you become a less effective recruiter. Let Jobclick handle your recruiting busywork, so you can focus on networking and hiring the talent you need.

Reduce your reliance on contract workers and registry nurses

Most healthcare facilities have a detrimental bottom-line dependence on contract labor. Using Jobclick will bring you more staff hires, and reduce the budgetary strain of contract labor on your facility.