Recruiting Amazing People for over 25 years.

Every recruiter's battlecry is "I want to see more qualified candidates!" Jobclick's recruiting process identifies the best qualified candidates for you faster.

Plus, we seem to find more of them.

the jobclick Mission

Jobclick helps healthcare facilities find, screen, and qualify the candidates you need. We work with your recruiters to handle their low value recruiting processes, so that they can focus on their core responsibilities of selling your facility and hiring the best qualified candidates.

I highly recommend Tony. He advocated on my behalf and secured a great opportunity.
— Berninia Bradley

Jobclick guarantee

  • Meet the requirements of the position
  • Interested and available for the position and shift
  • Local to the area or willing to relocate
  • Completed a telephone interview
  • Submitted time frames available for in-person interview

Effective recruiting is about getting close to the candidates you want to hire. When your time is taken up with low-value tasks that take you away from people, you become a less effective recruiter. Let Jobclick handle your recruiting busywork, so you can focus on networking and hiring the talent you need.